Considerations when buying a quality, used wheelchair-accessible vehicle

What should you expect when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle? It’s a new process for a lot of people, and it can be overwhelming. That’s why we want to make your buying journey as easy to understand as possible. Here are some key measurements & things to consider when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

• Measurements and weight of your wheelchair?
• Approximate weight of the person in the chair?
• The height of person in chair from ground to top of head?
• How able is the carer?
• What car do you currently drive?
• Your requirements for the vehicle?

• Know Your Options with Disability Vehicle technology. 
When it comes to mobility assistive technology, you’ve got a range of options. Because disability has many variables, such as age, dexterity, and whether or not you have a caregiver, we have options that may suit you. Consider first if you need a mobility vehicle, a full-size van equipped with a lift, or a wheelchair out, or a drop seat.

• Tap Our Expertise.
We know the market landscape well, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be transparent about your disability and your needs. There’s a mobility vehicle solution for everyone, but finding the correct option starts with an honest assessment of requirements.

• Get the Right Fit.
When buying an accessible vehicle, there is a lot of size variations to take into account, including the size of your wheelchair and the size of your family. For some, an SUV may work perfectly if you have passengers infrequently. For others something with more cabin manoeuvrability is a better fit.

• Decide Between a Rear-Entry or a Side-Entry.
Accessible vehicles are modified in one of two ways–either rear-entry or side-entry. Rear-entry disability vehicles allow access to the rear and midsection of the vehicle, but don’t allow you to ride in the driver or passenger seats. Side-entry vehicles allow access to the middle and front sections, but sometimes, tight parking spaces make this modification less advantageous. There are pros and cons to each option, so be sure to discuss with your local dealer.

Nationwide Mobility Vehicles offer a large range of quality, used wheelchair accessible vehicles for people with disabilities or who are mobility impaired. For reliability, we specialise in Toyota and Nissan models that have been factory-converted by the manufacturers, so you can be sure of the quality. Save tens of thousands of dollars by not having to buy and then convert a new vehicle. You can choose from side-entry and rear-entry, wheelchair (seat which is part of the vehicle), and seat lifters to regain your freedom by helping to make travel easy and comfortable. We have a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale and hire to suit a variety of budgets.

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