Well we are very excited with this one that Claudia was able to get the right vehicle to help her get around with ease and include the family with her NDIS plan.

NDIS paid for the modifications for this 2014 Nissan Serena C26 Sloper with approx 10,000kms, this vehicle came from Nissan Japan already manufactured with these great attributes!

From the time we were engaged until Claudia got her disability vehicle was approximately 3 weeks.

The message here is that it pays to know your plan and the NDIS structure very well and that you have "Vehicle Modifications" in your plan and you too could be driving away in your "Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle!"


We are very excited to have our first Disability Vehicle go into Tasmania.

The Sayer family reflect how happy they are in these photos as they are able to get their Dad and Grandfather "Dennis" back into their lives with the day to day stuff that is very difficult when you don't have the right vehicle to take the wheelchairs.

This Toyota Alphard with its rear loading ramp and seating for 6 people plus a wheelchair definitely makes this a very inclusive vehicle for a family to own.

Thank you to the Sayer family for their support this far away from home for them!!


We had the privilege of delivering this 2014 Toyota Alphard to Hervey Bay with full floor conversion in  the rear to cater for the wheelchair and aids, allowing for driver/carers and wheelchair in the rear.

The delivery of this vehicle means now that they can go further a field without waiting for public transport a holiday looks promising I feel!!

Thank you for allowing us to make this dream a reality!


Lauren & Isabella ("Issy")Taylor's lives would change with a vehicle to carry Issy and her electric wheelchair.  At the moment Lauren is transferring Issy, which as time goes on will only get more awkward for them and also Issy wouldn't have the independence of her own wheels if they don't have the right vehicle to transport it.

This vibrant young 3 year old is learning to master an electric wheelchair and is doing so with a great deal of determination.

Lauren contacted us from our website to give her a quote for a vehicle as she was trying to fund raise for one.  From here we have met both Lauren, Issy and their OT Aileen where we have had trials with a vehicle and the new electric wheelchair.

Just meeting this mother and daughter gives you inspiration to go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals, hence the reason for us posting this along with the link to the Go Fund Me page https://www.gofundme.com/567cvs8.

We pride ourselves on "Changing Lives"  this scenario definitely takes on our slogan, with pleasure!




Today we delivered a Toyota HiAce to Toowoomba for a 3 month hire being fully funded by the NDIS under the Assist-Transport section, which means this family had included Transport in their plan.

This is very exciting for Nationwide Mobility Vehicles as we now know as a Registered Provider for this area that it works and our first Hire has come off with ease.

The family put paperwork in on the 22nd December to apply for this and as at the 15th January it was approved.

Please consider this scenario when you are doing your plans for the NDIS, as something as simple as this could be life changing if you are not in the position of purchasing a vehicle or just want something on a temporary basis.




Parent 2 Parent (P2P)

Below is a story from Robbie Murray the driver of the Mazda 2 that we have for hire, it is a great read from someone that is not familiar with wheelchairs and disability vehicles.

Thank you so much Robbie

Drivers report:

As a driver of the vehicle I was very impressed with the ease of how to enter and exit the vehicle with a person in a wheelchair.  The Mazda 2 was easy to reverse and park at all locations including the busy main roads. The only other thing to consider when buying /hiring this vehicle, on steep declines it goes a little slow but taking into account the size of the vehicle, the steepness of the road and the weight of the passengers it did amazingly well.

The passenger in a wheel chair commented on being able to see out the window which was an extra bonus in a small vehicle. The passenger also commented on feeling secure when anchored in and being close to the front seat made it easier to be a part of the conversation.

The Mazda 2 is a very impressive vehicle and we will definitely promote it through - out our networks as we have tried and tested it and can give a positive report to families and people with disabilities who need to have specialised transport options.

Look Who We Helped Today

Well funny how the day pans out, we were about to leave the Town & Country Options Community Day at Pier Park Urangan, Hervey Bay, when the organizer Amanda Slocum, asked if there maybe a possibility to give someone a ride back to Maryborough as they had missed the public transport bus and the next one wasn't for an hour!

My only thoughts at this point would "Bubble" take this lovely lady in her electric wheelchair as the other vehicle we had there the Toyota Noah which would of worked easily apart from the fact that it was fully loaded with all the gear from the day to take to the Sunshine Coast Home Show of which we are at from tomorrow until Sunday.

A quick look at the chair and I could see that the headrest probably did come off and the handles were able to be collapsed.  Once at the start of the ramp to "Bubbles" I could see that the chair was definitely going to go up.

Here is the result

.......and as Marlene Margaret's carer said it was a much better ride home than the bus, even Margaret seemed okay with the whole thing when they were dropped back at "Fairhaven Retirement Village in Maryborough!

Go to our facebook page to get the video of the exit from the vehicle...  Thank you "Bubble" you are a legend, I knew you would be able to help us out somewhere  and you definitely saved the day for everyone, especially Margaret who was able to get her cup of tea at a reasonable time.

Look forward to seeing these 2 lovely ladies again.....

Would You Like to Hire This for your Next Holiday?

This vehicle could make your next holiday or just getting around a lot easier!  

This may also be a way to try before you buy.  

Read all about the Hire side of the Business, designed to help you and your loved ones get around with ease! 

This Mazda 2 takes 2 people plus the wheelchair or a mobility scooter whatever the needs may be as well as plenty of room for luggage etc.  Small 4 cylinder car so very economical.

The Right Vehicle for you!!

When considering your next disability vehicle there is a lot to think about, the age of the person in the chair? What them and your needs are?  How much room you require within the vehicle? Is this the last vehicle you will purchase for a very long time? 

So why not give us a call Nationwide Mobility Vehicles to help you through this sometimes ugly mess!!

 Is this the Disability Vehicle that suits your family needs?

Is this the Disability Vehicle that suits your family needs?