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Below is a story from Robbie Murray the driver of the Mazda 2 that we have for hire, it is a great read from someone that is not familiar with wheelchairs and disability vehicles.

Thank you so much Robbie

Drivers report:

As a driver of the vehicle I was very impressed with the ease of how to enter and exit the vehicle with a person in a wheelchair.  The Mazda 2 was easy to reverse and park at all locations including the busy main roads. The only other thing to consider when buying /hiring this vehicle, on steep declines it goes a little slow but taking into account the size of the vehicle, the steepness of the road and the weight of the passengers it did amazingly well.

The passenger in a wheel chair commented on being able to see out the window which was an extra bonus in a small vehicle. The passenger also commented on feeling secure when anchored in and being close to the front seat made it easier to be a part of the conversation.

The Mazda 2 is a very impressive vehicle and we will definitely promote it through - out our networks as we have tried and tested it and can give a positive report to families and people with disabilities who need to have specialised transport options.