This Cube is brand new and a rarity in the market that we work in, put your stamp on it when never been used as a welcab!!  It won't last being this good we feel certain!

Perfect for moving your scooter around, excellent vehicle for the smaller garages. Seats 5 normal seating positions or 2 with your scooter.

1.4 litre 4 cylinder engine that has the right blend for performance and economy with our rising fuel costs every week makes this a great choice!


  • Stock No#: 2667
  • Price: $15,000 driveaway
  • Make: Nissan
  • Model: Cube BZ11
  • Colour: White
  • Vin#:  6U90000BZ11349989
  • Engine#: 
  • Drive: Front  
  • Aircond: Yes  
  • Power Steer: Yes
  • Cyl: 4, 1.4litre
  • Month/Year: 03/2008 
  • Kms: 28,476
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Seats: 5 Excluding Chair
  • Ramp load rate 200kg
  • Ramp width 70cm
  • Internal & entry height 1.3m
  • Internal length to floor seats 1.2m